Regulation 61-25

Retail Food Establishment Regulation

For retail food establishment regulatory information, please visit the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control website –

Regulatory Information

  • Regulation 61-25
  • All retail food establishments must have a copy of this regulation on file. The copy may be printed or kept as a digital file on a computer or tablet.

Application & Permit

To file a Retail Food Establishment application, download and complete an Application & Permit Document (DHEC 1769) and submit it to any DHEC office along with the appropriate fee. If you have any questions, please call your local Environmental Affairs Office for assistance.

Fee schedule

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Supplemental Forms & Applications

Special Process & Variance Forms

If your food processes include Sous Vide, Reduced Oxygen Packaging, Curing/Smoking, fermentation or making sushi rice, these guides will educate you on how to apply for and stay in compliance with your Special Process or Variance.

Sushi Rice

The following documents provide additional information and resources to Retail Food Establishment managers and employees. These resources may be printed, laminated, displayed or provided to a retail food staff for the purpose of food safety education.

Guidance Tools

Food Temperatures

Restaurant Management


Inspection Tools

The following inspection tools were modeled after the National Conference for Food Protection inspection guidance documents and are used by retail food inspectors to reference citations. An electronic system generates a report using this information.

  • Marking Guide
    – The Marking Guide is a comprehensive guide for marking the 56 item inspection report.
  • Pocket Marking Guide
    – The Pocket Marking Guide serves as a quick reference for the 56 item inspection report.
  • Citation Index
    – The Citation Index shows all citations in numerical order with the correlating item number.
  • Violation Index
    – The Violation Index links categorical words with corresponding subtopics, item numbers, citations and risks.
  • Inspection Report – 1722 A
    – The Inspection Report is used to evaluate and grade a restaurant during a risk based inspection.
  • Documentation Report – 1722 B
    – The Documentation Report provides space for an inspector to write notes during an inspection.

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